Cognitive Musicology via Synaesthesia

Synaesthesia is a a type of sensory cross-activation that can result in people ‘hearing colours’ or ‘seeing sounds’. Music is a multisensory experience, and some composer-synaesthetes used their synaesthesia as inspiration in their creative practice. For example, A. Scriabin included colour-organ into the score of his symphonic work ‘Prometheus the Poem of Fire’, to make the harmony changes more evident, while O. Messiaen designed his Modes of Transitional Transposition by “colour complexes”. In this event musicians, in collaboration with visual artists, will translate their cross-modal sensory associations and synaesthetic experiences into visuals, projected on screen during the performance, and gestured choreography inspired by kinetic synesthesia. Prof. Anil Seth, Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex, will give a talk before the performance. Synaesthesia opens the window into sensory perception and the fascinating world of the mind.  As Prof. Anil Seth says: “Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality”. Let’s look closer at your sensory experience. Program: A. Scriabin: Piano Sonata N5 op.53,S. Rachmaninoff: extracts from Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini op. 43,E. Granados: **** op. 50,T. Doyle: Bealtaine Suite (Irish Traditional) Visual Artists: Prof. Maura McDonnell, TCD, Pheobe SunGesture Choreography: Valentina Gaia Lops Svetlana Rudenko, pianoTim Doyle, violinAnnette Cleary, celloRoisin Ni Bhriain, flute Coordinators: Dr Áine Kelly, Dr Richard Roche Art Image: Timothy Layden Contact for information: Áine Kelly This event is FREE to attend, however booking is essential.   This is a public event running as part of the BNA2019 Festival of Neuroscience.  More about BNA2019 Festival of Neuroscience  The largest event of its kind throughout Europe in 2019, the British Neuroscience Association – in partnership with Neuroscience Ireland (NSI) and the British Society for Neuroendocrinology (BSN) – is excited to be bringing the international Festival of Neuroscience to Dublin, a city of culture, excitement and neuroscience!  Alongside a comprehensive scientific programme, an exciting public schedule of events and activities will take place around Dublin, warmly welcoming the public to engage with all things brain! Check out the full BNA2019 public programme here.