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About the E-book «Anne-Marie Imafidon, to be the youngest ever pass on the subject. She did two hours a week over less than four months for what is a two-year course»- The Guardian «A Maths prodigy [Christiana Imafidon] became one of the youngest people this year to pass higher level maths»- The Guardian series «Samantha Imafidon broke records when she gained grades…in maths and statistics»- The Express (Stratford and Newham) «Maths Manual made maths look easier than the maths at school»- Post (Barking & Dagenham) » ‘After reading the book [Maths Manual] I said, I can do [GCSE] that too’ Joy passed GCSE Maths at 10.»- Southwark News «It’s a great aid New Nation » …she [Samantha Imafidon] is the youngest child two achieve two GCSEs in one sitting and is hoping she will go into the Guinness book of world records»- The Watford Observer FOR STUDENTS, BY STUDENTS ‘Simply’ put, maths is…a science that deals with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement. Frankly and truthfully, it’s problem-solving with a twist. And so this book has been written for the maths hater, for people who understand maths as much as they understand µατησ, and the ‘normal’ guy on the street. Its taken some time to compile, check, double-check and PUBLISH this book, so get reading and enjoy! «Anne-Marie Imafidon …also won prizes from the BBC and Letts as the overall best student in Mathematics and computing» – Recorder (Newham) | Contact | Privacy | Terms