Young Dentist - Patient Centred Sales -BEST CHOICES (October 2020), Bicester, Friday, 23. October 2020

This event is only for
dental students and
 young dentists  (qualified for fewer than 5 years.)
Overseas qualified dentists working the UK fewer than 5 years
 "In the two weeks since I did BEST CHOICES I have generated extra £30,000
and I didn't feel like I was selling. Thank you." 
Patient centred sales –What you were not taught at dental school about treatment plan conversion.
   Do you:

Get frustrated when patients “Think about it”?
Feel disappointed when your patients choose the cheapest rather than the best?
Think patients are confused by all the options?
Feel frustrated that you are not providing the types and standard of treatment you are trained to?
Worry about a patient complaint or FTP case against you?
Want to earn more money?
Want to do more interesting and rewarding dentistry?
Want to be less reliant on the NHS UDA treadmill and do more private work?
Want to attract more of the patients you like to treat?
Want to work more effectively with your nurse and other members of your team?
Do you want a significantly better work life -balance and quality of life?
Do you want sustainable results quickly?

  Do you want:

Patients who engage with your treatment plans and who are ready to buy?
An increase in private treatment plans?
Patients that select the best rather than the cheapest?
Patients who understand their options?
Pride in the standard and quality of work you are providing?
To earn more money and be more profitable?
More interesting and rewarding dentistry?
Fewer patients?
A patient care coordinator (PCC) to share the responsibility?
To be free from worry and stress?
To enjoy your life as a dentist
To improve your employability.

Now is your chance
  Patient Centred Sales is a unique 2-day training programme that will show you a simple communication framework that will enable you to do better quality dentistry, earn more money how you can earn more money and enjoy your work by putting your patients first
  "Patient Centred Sales, is a unique and essential dental business master-class for the whole team"
What you will learn

Ways deep trust, rapport and lasting relationships with your patients in less than 60 seconds.
Techniques to build your confidence
Non- intrusive questions that create profitable opportunities
How to discover your patient’s motivation for treatment
Questions that deepen patients understanding, commitment and consent
How to present your treatment plans so that you will get a “YES”
Ways to overcome patient objections every-time
The confidence to ask for patient testimonials and referrals
How to put your prices up and increase treatment plan conversions
How to build a reservoir of future patients and treatment plans
How to stay compliant with the GDC and CQC
How to work effectively with your nurse, receptionist and patient care coordinator.

  “Hi Jane, I Would just like to tell you that your course [Patient Centred Sales] is the best thing I have ever done and yes you can quote me on that !!”  CC, Dentist, Wales 
 100% double your money back guarantee - T&C apply
 This unique 2-day workshop has been designed specifically for new graduates and young dentists
 Key features of this training

Training dates at the weekend
Follow-up interactive webinars
Discounts for early booking
100% money back guarantee
Free DCP places for early bookings
Suitable for all the team to attend and a pricing structure to make it easy.
0% interest Staged payments available on request
Highly interactive workshop
Experiential, rapid learning techniques
Content that can be easily implemented immediately
Course developed by a tutor who is also an experience dentist and practice owner
Content delivered in an engaging and easy to remember format using the framework BEST CHOICES
Engaging and knowledgeable tutor
Ample opportunity for Q&A
Detailed manual
Opportunity to think and discuss the content
Increased confidence and teamwork
Unique workshop deisgned for new graduates and young dentists

Special prices and incentives for early booking
If you would like to spread your investment, staged payments are available on request- Please call 07989 757 884 for details. 
 A free DCP place available for every Dentist ticket booking super early bird and early bird tickets. The DCP and clinician must be from the same practice and the tickets booked on the same order.
All clinician tickets have a 90 day double your investment or your money back guarantee T&C apply
 *Excluding booking fee and charges.
 Lunch and refreshments provided. Examples of the delicious home cooked food you can expect to be served. Much of which is also home grown.

  “We have recorded a 46% uplift in our sales within four weeks, all our dentists now want to go on this course.” 
 About your trainer
  Your trainer and coach, Dr Jane Lelean, is the only dentist in Europe who has been accredited by the International coach federation as a Professional Certified Coach. Jane Currently works with Dentists and other entrepreneurs in UK, Europe and as far away as USA and Australia, helping them achieve more patients, more money, more time, a significantly better quality of life and achieving results in 3-6 months. Jane has a unique blend of experience and expertise combining her roles as a dentist, practice owner, commercial experience and coach.
 Jane, “You are a pretty Yoda full of wisdom” A Wilkinson, Buckinghamshire
 Why would you want to come on this course? 

You are frustrated by the type of dentistry you are doing
Too many patients is a short period of time
You have too few patients or not enough treatment to fill your days
You are short of money, debts increasing and worrying about your financial future?
You short of time, rushing around and not getting everything done?
You worry about complaints, being sued and FTP cases against you
You want to be less dependent on the NHS
Are you unhappy with your quality of life, feeling tired, fed up, sick, poor quality relationships and not enough fun or recreation?

 “Today I ’sold’, 1 Procera crown, £240 worth of composite fillings and 2 veneers on 3 different patients and I don't feel like I am selling to people they are asking for what they really want because I am paying more attention to them.
Thanks again, I will carry on the good work” Catherine – Dentist South Wales- Patient Centred Sales
How would it be?

If you knew a simple fool-proof way to convert higher value treatment plans?
If you had a simple easy to remember framework for patient consultations and treatment plan presentations.
If you knew a predicable way that your patients were asking for higher value treatment?
If you knew how to create a steady stream of patients to your practice that loved what you do, they stay with you for a life time?
You could spend your days doing the dentistry you loved?
If you could be certain that you could offer great dentistry at a price that is fair to your patients and rewards you and your team well?
If you have the free time to do the things that you want with the people you love, when you want.
If you could transform your sales quickly and easily?

“It was brilliant you must come”
  The Institute of Dental Business does enable you to fulfil your potential and a dentist, and this Patient Centred Sales – BEST CHOICES is your first step to learn how.
 What this course gives you
 Patient Centred Sales -BEST CHOICES is a unique two-day workshop styled training delivered by one of the UK’s leading Dental Business coaches, that simply and ingeniously gives you a step by step process that helps your patient choose the best treatment for them and say “Yes”.

This course has a limited number of delegates because we want to ensure that you get individual attention, and all your questions answered.
Hands on experience and an opportunity to practice and hone your skills before you return to practice.
Confidence to find out and deliver what your patients want
A simple easy to remember and follow template.
Peace of mind that you are 100% NHS, CQC and GDC compliant
A fantastic experience that unites the whole team
New ideas, tips, tools and techniques that are simple to remember and use.
Follow up webinars.

“Jane recently gave a two-day course in our practice on “Patient Centred Sales” which was a real eye opener for us. The very next morning, by asking one patient the right question while I waited for her local to work, I “sold” her a treatment plan for TMJ assessment, ortho and whitening that will recoup 75% of the cost of Jane’s course. Instant result!” Cormac, Dental Practice Owner, Ireland
 Do please share the details of Patient Centred Sales with your friends and colleagues, and recommend they join you on the programme now. Thank you.
 What is included in your training?
  The Patient Centred Sales- BEST CHOICES and its simple steps will help you make your good practice great.
  Our unique formula includes:

New and more effective ways to take your patient’s history
Elegant ways to discover what is important to your patients
Fool-proof ways to identify and overcomes your patient’s blocks to treatment
Compelling ways to present your treatment plans
Relaxed ways to secure commitment
Delicious lunch and refreshments
Monthly follow-up webinars

   The main themes are 

What is patient centred selling?
Elegant effective history taking
Discovering what are your patients wants and needs?
Compelling treatment plan presentations
Preventing and overcoming objections
Dealing with the question of price
Dealing with “Is this available in the NHS?”
How to build your patient list

“Jane knows her subject and is very inspiring” 
What will the difference be when I get back to practice? 

Your patients will ask for higher value treatment
You will be able to offer higher quality options
You will be able to earn more money
You will be able to offer more private treatment
Your team will be able to sell more on your behalf
You will have tips and tools that you can implement immediately.
You will be able to attract the right patients.
You will have a more committed and motivated team
You will be able to take more time off and have e a better quality of life.

 “It was worth the money spent and can implemented achievably” Dr M.W, Principal dentist, Suffolk
  Are you ready to join now, yes?
 Other frequently asked questions
 “Interesting and inspirational to improve working methods” Principal Dentist Norfolk

  Do you deliver value for money?

 Absolutely, we are so confident that this course will give your sales the life you want, we give a 100% money back guarantee.
  “Very Inspiring” Garrett M, Practice Manager Co Fermanagh

 Can I bring my team?

 I love your style, yes of course you can, it will make your life so my easier the transitions smoother and will save you time and money. Bring them all Nurses, receptionists, patient care coordinators, managers, hygienists, therapists, associates and patient care coordinators too. For this event only all the dentist must be qualified for 10 years or less.
 “Jane brings it to a level that everyone can understand Thank You” Z.P, Dental Nurse Northern Ireland

 I don’t think I can make the investment to bring the team, can I come alone?

  Of course, you can come alone, and other people have made that choice too. However, what they have all discovered is that if they had brought their team, they could implement the changes much more effectively and sooner. They then do the course a second time bringing their team along, recognizing their initial attempt to save money had cost them more in the long run. If you book early, you get the opportunity to bring a DCP for free.

 Can I bring my team for free?

We actively encourage you to bring as many of your team as possible beacause implementaion is easier and your results will be better. For every super early bird and early bird ticket purchased by a dentist, you can bring one DCP ( nurse, receptionist or manger for free)
“It was a time for empowering the team and providing a catalyst for progress, a really beneficial”
 Dr C N, Principal Dentist Shropshire 

Do you have a guarantee?

  Yes, we have a double your investment in 90 days’ guarantee. Most dentists double their investment in one day and within one week. Terms and conditions apply.

What do I do if I have other questions?

 We want you to be confident that you are making the best choice to attend this workshop. If you have any other questions call Jane on 07989 757 884 or e mail Jane@ she will be delighted to answer to help.
Are you ready to sign up now?
 If you are interested in having this course run as a bespoke in-house workshop, call us on 07989 757 884 for further details.
  What other delegates have said about this training
“In the month since I did the course, I have done four times as much private treatment than I usually do, and I feel far less stressed.” Dentist, Oxfordshire
 "I have learnt more today in a few hours than going on a 1-day Ashley Latter course!" Dentist, Maidenhead
  “Jane recently gave a two-day course in our practice on “Patient centred sales” which was a real eye opener for us. The very next morning, by asking one patient the right question while I waited for her local to work, I “sold” her a treatment plan for TMJ assessment, ortho and whitening that will recoup 75% of the cost of Jane’s course. Instant result!” Cormac, Dental Practice Owner, Ireland
“After attending patient centred sales, today I ’sold’, one procera crown, £240 worth of composite fillings and 2 veneers on 3 different patients and I don't feel like I am selling to people they are asking for what they really want because I am paying more attention to them.
Thanks again, I will carry on the good work” Catherine, Dentist, South Wales
 “Hi Jane, I Would just like to tell you that your course [Patient Centred Sales] is the best thing I have ever done and yes you can quote me on that!!” C.C, Dentist, Wales
 “I am pleased that I have been on the course. I knew that it would make a difference, but I didn’t realize just how much I would benefit. I feel like a new Dentist. So, Thank you” Dentist, London
  “[Patient Centred Sales] It will Give you the tools to increase your private work on a comfortable and ethical position. Thank you, Jane,” E.B, Dentist
  “You must attend the course [Patient Centred Sales] with Jane, because it will open your minds, give confidence and flexibility at work. You will feel much better and happier and your patients will listen to you.” “I am going to recommend all my staff attend this course” T.M, Practice Manager
  “I recommend this course [patient centred sales] to others because the course coach is a ball of energy, entertaining and very effective. The lady in purple is amazing!” Dental Nurse
 “Challenging, provoking, puts passion back into work! Engages dentist in patient relationships.”             M.C, Practice manager
 “I fully recommend this course, not only for the dentists, but for the entire practice. It has changed my way of thinking and allowed me to think laterally and outside the box. I feel I will go into practice tomorrow a better dentist. DO THE COURSE!” C.G, Dentist
 “The presenter is not like anything I have ever experienced before. The course will change your perception of dentistry, patient management and yourself.” F.M, Dentist
 “You definitely need to do this course [Patient Centred Sales] I expected a boring two days, but Jane completely proved me wrong. I could see everything from a fresh angle and I enjoyed myself. I am sure I will use what I learned. Thank you, Jane,” L.E, Dentist
 “I really enjoyed this course [Patient Centred Sales] and would recommend it to my colleagues at work. I am certain this training would be very useful to them.” Z.W, Dental Nurse
 “A terrific course that was an eye opener for me. I was literally afraid it would be difficult to follow and implement in real life, but I had lots of fun doing it an I learned useful templates which I can use to offer my patients the treatment they need and collect the reward I deserve. I definitely recommend [Patient Centred Sales].” G.C, Dentist
 “I would highly recommend Jane and her method of training. This is the only training event I have ever been to that has not made me sleepy through boredom! The course exceeded my expectations by rewarding me after delivering what I had learnt! (Only possible by Jane’s method of learning)”         A.R, Dental Nurse
 “I would recommend this course to my colleagues as an essential course, not only helping to understand a patient, but also to understand yourself as a clinician.” V.M, Dentist
 “This course was very interesting, and I feel more confident in delivering this to patients at the end of 2 days. I never thought I would be able to do this at the start.” L.D, Dental Nurse
 “Well-structured course. At the end of the course you will be able to implement what you learnt on the course in your practice. It does not make you feel that you are pushing patients to buy or agree with treatment they do not want or do not agree with.” P.R, Dentist
“Essential to help develop confidence, to engage and lead patient conversations around choice. Thank you, Jane,” M.R
“This course was a useful exercise in discovering a new way to promote choices (NHS/PVT) in practice. It gave me great confidence and an opportunity to improve.” R.W, Dentist
 “I will be telling my colleagues that the course is an ‘eye-opener’ into the world of dentistry. It makes you think, and you should go.” M.C, Dentist
 A full information leaflet is available here 
 Full details of our 100% moneyback guarantee can be found here 
 Thank you and I look forward to meeting you soon.

To put your patient’s wants needs and preferences at the heart of your treatment planning.
To share with you a simple, memorable model that will enable you to improve your treatment plan conversions and increase patient compliance.
To enable you to increase the value and quality of treatment plans and increase patient acceptance.
To provide an approach that all team members can use when communicating with your patients.
For you to be aware of more opportunities to engage your team and develop the role of a patient care coordinator.


By the end of the session you will have learnt the model, and will have a selection of tips, tools, ideas, questions and confidence to use immediately.
To make sure you and your team remain compliant with the GDC, CQC.

Learning outcomes:

For you to have a new skill set that will put your patients first and improve your treatment plan uptake.
For the practice to develop a team approach to treatment plan conversions
Anticipating and overcoming patient objections

Learning content
The B.E.S.T C.H.O.I.C.E.S. model for increased treatment plan conversions
Development Outcomes
This event will have elements of Enhanced GDC learning outcomes A, B, C and D
Day 1

Register 8:00
Start 8:30 close 17:30
1 x 1- hour lunch and 2 X 15- minute refreshment breaks
VCPD = 7.5 hours


Start 8:00 close 17:00
1 x 1-hour lunch and 2 X 15- minute refreshment breaks
VCPD = 7.5 hours

 Total CPD = 15 hours
 Want to join our young dentist network, visit our Facebook group.

Friday, 23. October 2020, Bicester, Young Dentist - Patient Centred Sales -BEST CHOICES (October 2020)

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