Transform Your Practice in 10 Days-November 2019- October 2020, Bicester, Friday, 15. November 2019

Transform your practice in 10 days is a unique practice development and management programme designed and delivered by dentists for dentists and their teams.
This programme takes a holistic and in-depth approach to developing and running a successful dental practice and offers 10 workshops over 12 months.
Because we understand you are very busy, we have designed and costed the workshops to encourage and enable you to bring your manager and as many of your team members as you would like. Saving you money, aiding implementation, engaging your team speeding up and securing your success.

We are so confident that this series of workshops will transform your practice and your finances, so we provide you with a 100% money back guarantee. (T&C apply) 
We understand that cashflow can be a challenge in dental practice and we are able to offer you 12-month 0% interest monthly payments. Please call 07989 757884 or e mail Jane@ for more information.
What are your biggest challenges in practice?
This is what some of our clients have told us. 

“I am so frustrated, my finances are in chaos, my overdraft is increasing, I haven’t paid myself in ages and I don’t know where to start to get them sorted.”

“I am feeling incredibly despondent and overwhelmed, I have so much to do and I feel I have lost control of how I want my practice to run.”

“I am feeling trapped, I no longer enjoy my dentistry, I don’t know how to get out or what else to do, I wish I could get my passion back.”

“I have noticed a huge drop in people coming through the door and I am scared about the future of the practice”

“Patients are putting off their treatments and I am realising this is probably because I may not be very good at selling”

“I find it difficult to recruit, train, manage and retain staff that do their job properly.”

“I am just about to buy my first practice, and I want to make sure I run it properly from the start. I have not had any training in how to run a business or manage staff, I am worried about making expensive mistakes”     
“I just want my life back, can you help?”                                                                                                               
“I have just bought a practice it is so much harder than I thought it would be and I don’t know where to start.”     
“I started my practice 15 years ago and I have not achieved what I wanted. Can you help?”

Some of the feedback we have received about the workshops
 "It will change your life forever."
Paaras Dhanani, New Road Dental
"I wish I had met Jane 10 years ago, I could have saved myself so much stress!"
Bertie Napier, Principal
"All practices would benefit from attending"
Manager Oxford
 "Will give you a framework to start improving your practice."
Nimesh Patel - Principal, Croxley Green
"It is so worth it and absolutely fabulous."
Viktoria Berens - Orthodontist
"It changes your approach"
Lisa Freeman - Practice Manager -.
"Very good and motivational."
Victoria Proffitt – Practice Manager
 "Lots of hints, tips and tools to help."
Dipesh Patel - Principal Dentist 
 "It is very helpful and making me aware of what actions we can take to improve the running of the practice"
Catherine Lomas - Practice Manager
"Inspiring and thought provoking, with results you will implement."
Michelle Best,- Manager
"It encouraged me to think out of the box and look at things with different perspective."
Sureyya Kephalas, Hertfordshire
 "We're planning how we're going to grow our business."
"Interactive, reflective, excellent for team."
Odette Lazarus, Principal.
 "Inspiring, insightful, concise."
Danielle Foster, New Road Dental
"Enjoyable, eye-opening."
Dipesh Patel, Harwood Dental Care
"One of those defining moments your eyes open.”
Kunj Dhanani, New Road Dental 
“Life changing for the better"
 Dentist Norwich
"Jane is enthusiastic and you will always come away understanding more about yourself, your team and the progression and growth of your business."
Sarah Marshall, Practice Manager, New Road Dental
 To discover if your practice would benefit from any develpment or refinement in the way it is managed, you can self evaluate using our Brilliant Practice Evaluation (BPE).
Are you satisfied with your scores?
Transform your Practice in 10 days, the areas of focus
Creating a V.I.P practice
“If we were meeting three years from now, looking back what are some of the most significant and amazing things that have happened to you personally and professionally that confirm that joining The Institute of Dental Business was one of the best decisions you made?”
As you answer this question you will consider all areas of your life, some of which may include, your practice and home life, relationships – significant other, friends and family, Finances- personal, practice, investments and long-term goals, physical environment- home, practice and other possessions, Yourself- health, fitness and personal growth.
Working with The Institute of Dental Business will help you clarify and achieve your vision.
Planning time to succeed
 Have you ever had that feeling that you don’t have enough time to do all your need to, or thought there are things you want to do, and you simply don’t have the time to do them?
The Institute of Dental Business has simple and easy to implement strategies that will enable you to have the time money and energy to do all you want to do.
Safety in numbers and the numbers that count
 Do you live outside your means; are your overdrafts and credit cards close to the limits? Have you ever worried about whether you have the funds to cover your expenses, looking forward do you have a plan in place so that your desired lifestyle is adequately-funded?
The Institute of Dental Business will support you through becoming debt free and creating sufficient reserves to giving you security and freedom.
TEAM WORK makes the dream work
 In a successful dental practice, the principal is supported by a tremendous team whose characteristics include, hard-working, cheerful, loyal, committed, reliable, flexible, dependable, self -motivated and professional. As you imagine working with a tremendous team like that, how is that different from where you are now?
Working with The Institute of Dental Business™, we will show you how to recruit, train, motivate and retain your ideal team of professionals
A.C.E. service wins
“Patients don’t remember what you say; patients don’t remember what you do. Patients remember how you make them feel”
Research has shown that 68% of patients change their dentist because of perceived indifference from the practice.
 Working with The Institute of Dental Business we will show you how to develop a customer service system that builds your practice and your finances.
The magical money-making marketing machine
How effective is your marketing strategy at attracting your ideal patient? What is the message that your branding, literature, website and social networking give? Is this the right message?
Working with The Institute of Dental Business we will help you identify your ideal clients, attract more of them in a sustainable low-cost way that adds much more to your bottom line.
Treatment plans with I.M.P.A.C.T.
 “People don’t like being sold to, and yet they love buying”
What difference would it make to you and your practice, if patients bought more and more expensive treatment? You spent more time doing the treatment you love to do because the patients were asking for it?
 The Institute of Dental Business will show you how to become skilled at helping your patients buy.
Systematic success
“Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing, layout, processes, and procedures.” Tom Peters
Have you ever found yourself solving the same problems repeatedly? Do you ever feel that you are re-inventing the wheel?
We have found that when our clients develop and run systems in all areas of their business including, organisation, management, team, marketing, customer service, finances, treatment provision. Their practices become simpler to run and more profitable. We will assist you in all areas of developing your systems.
Inspirational leadership in practice

Who makes the decisions in your practice, you or your staff?
Who is controlling the direction of your practice you or your staff?
When you make a request of your staff is it followed through or ignored?
How effective are you at running regular practice meetings? 

What can often be true in dental practice that the Principal is unaware of their roles as the practice leader. I often come across principals that rather than delegate responsibility, abdicate it often with disastrous consequences.
“Leadership can be thought of as a capacity to define oneself to others in a way that clarifies and expands a vision of the future.”
Working with The Institute of Dental Business we will support you in developing your role as an inspirational leader.
Is the way you are working, working?
Success is measured in more ways than in financial terms.
You may be the wealthiest dentist in the world and yet if you can identify with any of the following, stressed, life is dysfunctional, are chronically ill, over or underweight, abusing alcohol or drugs, sleep poorly, poor relationships with family or friends, seldom exercise or have time to yourself are you truly successful?
With the Institute of Dental Business, you can achieve balance in all areas of your life and become truly successful.
 Annual framework
January          Creating a V.I.P. practice
February        Planning time to succeed
March             Safety in numbers and the numbers that count
April               Team work makes the dream-work
May                A. C. E. service wins
June              The magical money-making marketing machine
July                 Treatment plans with I.M.P.A.C.T.
September    Systematic success
October          Inspirational leadership in practice
November      Is the way you are working, working?
2019 dates
January          18th
February        15th
March             15th
April                26th
May                17th
June               21st
July                 19th
September    20th
October          18th
November      15th
2020 dates
January         17th
February        21st
March             20th
April                17th
May                15th
June               19th
July                 17th
September    18th
October          16th
November     20th
To give you the tools and know how that you weren’t taught at dental school that will enable you to run a successful profitable business and live a fulfilling life.
 At the end of twelve months you will have a working knowledge of the ten key strategies that enable you to run a successful practice as a business                      
 Learning outcomes
 At the end of the 12-months you will have information, tools, techniques and strategies that will enable you to run a sustainably successful dental practice.
 Learning content
 Unique and time-tested models of how to run a successful business.
 GDC enhanced CPD development outcomes
This series of workshops aims to deliver elements of outcomes A, B, and D
(Outcome D is more appropriate to management teams and practice principals and partners)
A                     Effective communication with patients, the dental team and others across dentistry, including when obtaining consent, dealing with complaints, and raising concerns when patients are at risk;
B                     Effective management of self and effective management of others or effective work with others in the dental team, in the interests of patients; providing constructive leadership where appropriate;
D                     Maintenance of skills, behaviours and attitudes which maintain patient confidence in you and the dental profession and put patients’ interests first.
Our Quality Assurance policy for all GDC enhanced CPD is available on request by e mailing us.
7.5 hrs per workshop 75 hours over the year.
Registration from 8:30
Seminars start 9:00 end 17:00
1 x 1-hour and 2 x 15-minute refreshment breaks
Who could attend?

Any dentist or GDC registrant, who does already or wants to own a practice within the next 5 years
Any principal who is dissatisfied with any aspect of the performance of the practice.
Practices who a planning to leave the NHS within the next 5 years
Practice mangers who are new to the role or who would like to take their responsibilities and career to the next level
Any team members who are involved in the day to day operational functions of the practice.
Clinicians and team members who want to be part of a successful team
Anyone who wants to improve their practice reputation and become the best.
Team members or are motivated and want to significantly improve patient care
You, if you are, a practice owner, dentist, associate, hygienist, therapist, nurse, receptionist, practice managers or a technician

If you have any questions about this or any of the other practice development programmes we offer, please call 07989 757 884 or e mail Jane@

Friday, 15. November 2019, Bicester, Transform Your Practice in 10 Days-November 2019- October 2020

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