The Alpha Group (TAG) Nottingham, Holiday Inn Nottingham, Thursday, 24. January 2019

Leading an organisation can be a lonely business. 
Who do you go to for a friendly ear and sensible suggestions to grow your business and deal with challenges, and how can you double your turnover within 2-3 years without engaging more staff or expensive consultants?
The Alpha Group (TAG) is a closed unique and exclusive membership group comprising business owners and leaders with an annual turnover of £100k+. Full membership is by invitation and application process. 
The introduction meetings are designed to introduce the concept and demonstrate how our unique and proven model is different from other organisations, prior to the formal launch in 2019. Please note there is NO MEETING IN DECEMBER.
We meet monthly on the last Thursday, in a supportive board room environment where you will be guided through workshops and mastermind sessions with your peers.  You will go back to your office energised and bubbling with ideas to increase your turnover and profit.

A maximum of 10 individual and unique business sectors are invited and only key decision makers are on your peer to peer mentoring board.  People who, like you, will be at the leading edge of their business sector, and facing tough decisions daily.
This is an opportunity, away from the day to day grind, to share your challenges and learn from others how to manage tricky situations.
The Alpha Group PROMISE is for you to significantly increase your profit.  Many of the business leaders who have been working with us for the past 8 years in the UK have more than tripled their turnover.
You will meet like-minded, serious business owners who will have much expertise and knowledge to share as you all learn from each other.  You will make new friendships in a supportive and unique group.
The format is boardroom and facilitated to a close timetable and structure.  There are opportunities to forge new relationships during the refreshment breaks and if you choose to stay on for lunch afterwards to get to know your fellow board members.
Collaborations are welcome with professional services firms to create a group for your own clients.
There is currently a small nominal charge to cover room hire during the pre-launch period, the peer to peer guidance comes FREE until early 2019 when the membership group will formally launch.
“As Chief Executive, significantly changing my role and how I spend my time”
Nigel Smith, Ellis Jones Solicitors 

EXTRACT FROM A PERSONAL TESTIMONIAL FROM PAUL .....Business Film Producer and MD of a Business Awards Company 
I had been told that The Alpha Group was not a networking event.....  I knew that only entrepreneurs with multi-million turnover businesses could attend and I would learn that this commonality was a key ingredient to create the dynamic in the room capable of helping the group’s members engage.
So, what is The Alpha Group (TAG) if it’s not a networking group?
The business leaders sat around the table were very professional, successful and from very diverse businesses. I would mention them, but a key pre-requisite of TAG is discretion, so I won’t. The point is, however, that a scenario was unfolding before me, which provided CEOs and MDs with access to other CEOs and MDs capable of providing mutual support and strategic advice on helping them solve challenges, seek opinion and find new angles for growth and opportunity. This in itself is not unique, but the mutual trust, the communication and the model through which the members were encouraged to interact and create outcomes, is.
The focus of The Alpha Group is always on Growth. How can you grow your business?
We were guided through a workshop focusing on our own businesses. We shared our thoughts with the group along the way, but not digressing as often happens when people get creative. The exchanges were fascinating as one business looked at its own opportunities in a very different way to the next. The group was entirely open and transparent. There was a huge degree of trust in the room. It felt as if everyone was working for the common good, a common good that would, of course, benefit each member too.
Time is money and successful people don’t like wasting it.
The group was kept focused on making sure we would follow up on the outcomes we had identified. It’s a self -accountability pathway and obligation to the group to make sure you put in place the ideas and plans that have been highlighted for your own business. I noticed this at the very outset when one of the members was asked if he had implemented the plan that was agreed from the last meeting. Not only was there an implementation plan, but timescales to go with it. I felt there was a commitment to the group and huge mutual respect for their individual achievements and contributions. True camaraderie. 
I thought this meeting must have a significantly high value to the members, especially very busy, driven people.  
When we had completed the workshop, we continued to the second part of the meeting. This is where one member of the group presents a business challenge that they are struggling with. The group is then invited to ask questions from which they can build a picture. They are not allowed to provide any solutions or make any suggestions. This happens later when everyone has had a chance to ask their questions. Opinions, ideas, and possible solutions are then presented back by each member. Finally, the member with the challenge takes away a host of ideas and potential solutions to consider and commits to presenting back to the group at the next meeting on their actions. 
I thought this part of the meeting was particularly valuable.
Not only does a member get the opportunity to share a problem or challenge, but also to find possible solutions. At the meeting I attended, I was amazed by how much creativity shone through and how the art of problem-solving, which runs through entrepreneurs like a strand of DNA, was able to come to the fore to help a fellow member. I must point out that all the members are experts in their sectors, they are not lacking in ability or skill. The ideas and suggestions they receive are new to them because they are not common in the markets in which they operate. This is cross fertilisation at its best: I was impressed.
I pondered the morning meeting that started so early. My first thought was how 5 hours went by so quickly. My second thought was how mentally stimulating the session was and my third was what a productive way to spend a morning with really interesting people and learn so much. It was imminently worth it. Membership applications are now open to join The Alpha Group Nottingham.  Please apply online at  
feel free to give me a call to discuss.  
To your good personal health and that of your business

Thursday, 24. January 2019, Holiday Inn Nottingham, The Alpha Group (TAG) Nottingham

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