Step in tune with nature and your natural strengths to live your purpose, The Ashton, Saturday, 13. July 2019


Stress and tension drains the energy we need to live our best life.  Honouring who we are and creating a way of life in tune with who we naturally are, our strengths, our soul’s purpose and essence, brings energy, passion and freedom to live our purpose and best life.

Come along to these creative, educational events to discover some powerful, grounding, naturally in tune rituals and techniques using natures gifts, your own gifts and strengths, soul truths and universal spiritual principles to unlock your creativity, self expression, self worth, wellness and abundance so you feel empowered to live your life purpose and dreams.  Learn how you can create mini spa retreat moments at home to relieve stress and tension, nourish your soul, renew your mind and energise your body.  Learn how you can overcome limiting self beliefs that hold you back from living your purpose.

VENUE: THE ASHTON (Ashton Road, Bristol, BS41 9LX)

TIME: 1:30pm-5:30pm

COST: £15 includes refreshments, snacks, educational talks and forest bathing session.

WHAT IS FOREST BATHING? Forest Bathing is simply a return to our original state of being, drawing on the therapeutic powers of nature to reduce stress and feel a sense of wellbeing in a busy world. It is an immersive experience, which brings a deeper connection with nature and leaves you feeling calmer and happier. It is the practice of bathing your senses, tuning into nature, tuning into your soul, while walking mindfully in a forest. Forest Bathing (Shinrin-yoku) originated in Japan and is a cornerstone of Japanese healthcare. It is based on the belief that nature heals, a belief that goes back thousands of years. This has always been my intuitive belief too but recently scientific studies have shown that trees secrete natural chemicals, called phytoncides (which are essential oils) into the air and it is because of this healing balm in the forest air that regular time in forests has shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, boost the immune system and elevate mood. Join me in taking gentle, conscious steps in tune with nature and give your body the opportunity to breathe in healing air, the medicine of the forest, natures gift. Studies have shown that time in nature frees creativity and self expression, reduces feelings of tension and stress and boosts our mood. The practice of mindful movement and meditation in nature combined with essential oils is grounding, brings focus, balance, connection, perspective, conscious growth, momentum and anchoring of new healthy beliefs, mindsets and vision for our life.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: If you have a medical condition, are on prescribed medication or have any concerns, please see your GP and inform him/her about you attending this forest bathing session. Unlike many forest activities, forest bathing is not a physically exerting activity and it is not necessary to be particularly fit but if for any reason you are unable to join us, you are welcome to stay at The Ashton for the hour while we are in the forest next door. Not everyone is able to take regular walks in a forest and so I will be sharing how you can relieve stress and tension and restore your bodies natural wellness and balance through the healing benefits of forest air (essential oils), natures gifts, wherever you are.

WHERE WILL WE MEET: We will meet at 1:30pm at The Ashton where most of our time together will be spent, but we will also be going on a forest walk (forest bathing) next door at Ashton Court so please bring appropriate clothing and walking shoes suitable for muddy conditions. Tickets include refreshments and snacks. Please bring your own bottle of water for the forest bathing session. 

COST OF TICKETS: £15 and includes refreshments, snacks, free parking, forest bathing session as well as forest bathing and natural medicine educational talks and ideas to inspire you to create your best life through being in tune with nature and your natural strengths. 


26 Jan: Create a naturally in tune year to support your life purpose

23 Feb: Self-care for healthy supportive relationships and longevity to support your life purpose.

30 March: Empowering mums, educators and leaders to empower others.

8 June: Stress-free ways to communicate your passions, your purpose and who you are naturally.

15 June:  Step in tune with nature and your natural strengths to live your life purpose

13 July: Create financial, time, location freedom to confidently support your life purpose.

WHY JOIN US: Join us if you feel you need to reconnect to your purpose and deeper vision for your life and want to learn how you can communicate your passions and purpose more effectively using your strengths.  Maybe you know you have a dream, a purpose, a longing in your soul, an entrepreneurial spirit, a vision for your business, a gift in you wanting to emerge, a project that you intuitively know will make a difference but feel something keeps holding you back, keeps you feeling stressed, exhausted and stuck.  When we realise life is passing us by and we're still not living our purpose, there is suffering and stress. When we know there is so much more unrealised potential in us but we can't seem to express it, there is suffering and stress. When we suppress who we really are, who we were created to be, there’s suffering and stress. Stress drains our energy and lowers our immunity. This can result in low mood, anxious feelings, despair and even feelings of depression, creating an unhealthy cycle.  Because I have been there and know what this feels like, I am passionate about helping people live a more conscious, happier, healthier, purposeful life they love.

After many years of suppressing who I am and living with depression, I started on my soul journey a couple years ago. I started believing in my worth, finding my voice and honouring who I am. Through using my Montessori, Forest School, Creative Arts therapy training and knowledge of natural medicines, I have developed natural creative daily rituals and techniques that have really helped me move forward and up instead of spiral down. My journey isn't perfect, I make mistakes and give attention to negative limiting beliefs sometimes, but then I choose conscious growth and self compassion and I choose to use my natural strengths and gifts of the earth to get back on track, often feeling stronger and more energised to live my purpose.

I no longer feel trapped but free to love, share my gifts and abundance.  As I expand in abundance, success and love, every day, I hope to inspire those around me to do the same.  I love bringing hope, being instrumental in healing hearts and raising leaders. I love helping people find freedom to live their purpose, confidently flow in their natural strengths, realise their potential and create financial freedom and wealth to live their best life.

Step in tune with nature, who you are naturally and your natural strengths to live your purpose. Join me by purchasing one of my event tickets. If you can't attend one of my events but would like to learn more on-line, please send me a message and I will send you an invite to my Facebook group.

"Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do" Rumi.  May an abundance of health, wealth and happiness pursue you as you live your life purpose.

Your host, Clair Eggberry, Founder of Naturally In Tune, Wellness Consultant, Forest School Leader and ex Montessori teacher.

Your ticket is non-refundable so please check your email from prior to attending in case of cancellation due to adverse weather conditions or other unlikely unforeseen circumstances.  You will then have the option to attend a future event for free as your ticket will be transferred to a new future date.
Any questions please contact Clair on 07414 825005, email or send a message to I’m here to support you as you step in tune with your life purpose.

Saturday, 13. July 2019, The Ashton, Step in tune with nature and your natural strengths to live your purpose

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