Shamanic Healing Meditation Raise Your Energy Cork , 50 Cornmarket Street, Saturday, 30. March 2019

OUR AIM IS TO HELP YOU FIND THE HEALER WITHIN ‘’YOU’’ We meet to Meditate, to Journey, to share our personal experiences and to help each other awaken. Shamanic & Meditation Evening is for everyone who is interested in become own healer, if you would like to attend to the Shamanic Journey Meditation Evening please contact us 0879297869 Rafal or text me your name to book your place. Meditation is starting at 7:00 Dervish Book Shop Cork City Parking on the Street Tickets: 14e What does it mean to raise your vibration? It means to increase your level of energy, your happiness, your health and your overall success. You know when you are feeling really good and it seems like you have a ton of energy? That's you having a high vibration. You may be laughing and smiling and feel like you could take on the world. It feels great to have a higher vibration and it simply makes life better! Raising your vibration will be nothing but beneficial. When you raise your vibration, you will start to see drastic positive changes in your life. As you should now be aware of, raising your vibration helps boost your immune system and makes you feel healthier and more energized. You'll also notice that things are starting to go your way. When you resonate at a higher vibration, you are putting yourself in alignment with things also at that frequency, setting yourself up for positive experiences. What is Shamanic Journeying Meditation ? Shamanic Journeying is a spiritual healing tool with ancient roots. Traditional shamans used this technique to act as intermediaries between the human and spirit realms. All people have access to spirit and many are discovering the shamanic journey as a tool for self-growth, freedom, and healing. People utilize the shamanic journey to receive answers to questions, gain clarity around relationships, or communicate with lost loved ones. In the journey you may meet a spiritual teacher, receive a power animal, or interact with yourself in past lives. You may contact a part of yourself that has been lost to a past trauma and bring it into current time through the act of Soul Retrieval. Shamanic practitioners have journeyed for eons of time. Some sources trace shamanism to as far back as 25,000 to 40,000 years. Traditional shamans traveled to the spirit world to assist in healing spiritual as well as physical ills. They used many methods to achieve the state of consciousness that allowed them to contact these realms, such as drumming and chanting. Journeying is one of the spiritual healing tools used by traditional shamanic indigenous cultures throughout the world. It is still practiced today. Our stressful, fast paced lives require us to reconnect to the non-physical part of our being referred to as the ‘soul’. It is difficult to experience this part of ourselves within our daily lives because it exists in a larger place of stillness, wholeness, and oneness; closer in vibration to the source of who we are. The answers we are seeking are accessible in this place of oneness. Journeying is a way to contact this on :

Saturday, 30. March 2019, 50 Cornmarket Street, Shamanic Healing Meditation Raise Your Energy Cork

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