Self-Love - Initiation into Self-Practice Course (+Cacao Ceremonies), Healing Space, Sunday, 02. February 2020

COURSE - Available for 8 individuals ready and willing to learn to love themselves.

SELF-LOVE Initiation Into Self-Practice

The Aim

The aim of this course is to initiate you into a deep and beautiful self-love practice. By attending a workshop series designed to move through a process with you, supported by private session time with myself (Dr. Joy Lovesey) and resources for your self-practice, the intention is to re-pattern your inner relationship, and your capacity to relate to others, to be more deeply loving.
By the end of the course the intention is for you to have integrated the practices that resonate most into your life and to see a transformation in your inner world as they take effect. 
The journey will be even more powerful as this is available to only a very small group of 8 people, who can commit to the process of self-love, attending as many as the sessions as possible and also making the most of the opportunities for self-practice. 
It can be amazing to do this as a couple, to prepare for and manifest a relationship, or to deepen a relationship, yet the main intention of this course will be first to focus inwards, cultivating a relationship with the self that will attract and allow the outer relationships to mirror the level of love felt inwardly. not at all necessary, single people and individuals of all statuses and preferences are all equally welcomed. 

On Completion

Through my own practice and seeing results in clients who have implemented these tools, I have come to see a number of benefits from the practice. You might notice: 
- Less negative self-talk / gentler inner-critic
- Better boundaries and ability to non-defensively uphold boundaries
- Reduced need to turn to unhealthy coping behaviours
- A feeling of inner strength and resilience leading to a softer / more relaxed "outer" persona
- Increased feeling of self worth and esteem
- More intimacy with your own inner world, allowing unconscious feelings and beliefs to surface for integration
- More naturally arising feelings of love, compassion, and acceptance towards yourself
- Increased capacity to "hold-space" for yourself, and your most challenging emotions and states
- Improved communication skills around emotional and vulnerable topics
- Attracting better (more loving, supportive, healthy) relationships (of all kinds)
- Deepening the intimacy, depth, and safety of existing relationships (including romantic or friendships)
- More effortless and joyful self-care
- More authenticity, flow, and ease of being
- Realising creative gifts, latent talents, purpose, and soul-mission, and thriving in alignment with these
If you would like to see improvement for yourself in any of these areas, and can commit to participating in this process, this is for you.

Course Structure

Through regular meetups and an online forum to connect between workshops you will have the motivation and accountability not to simply have a great workshop and go back to the old ways, but to really grow and deepen in these practices.
5th Jan 11am - 6pm, Self-Love Initiation Day: This will set the intention for the course, and invite participation in a ritual to initiate you into your self-practice. There will be energetic transmissions and healing designed to enhance the energy system of the body to support the self-love practice. You will learn and do key exercises that can form the basis of a self-love practice. There will be work on how to understand and reframe things that can allow this practice to flourish. We will deepen through the day working on the cognitive (belief centred), emotional, and spiritual layers of our system, creating holistic plans for each individual to begin a self-love practice.
19th Jan 11am - 6pm, Emotional Intimacy Initiation Day: During this day there will be further energetic templates transmitted to your energy field to deepen the mind-body connection, improve emotional harmony and intelligence, and clear emotional pathways. You will learn and do key exercises, practices, and ways to frame emotional intimacy so that it can be deepened, both with yourself and with others. We will work on communication methods, ways to increase our capacity to feel safe and strong in emotionally vulnerable moments, to increase our capacity to hold-space for our own painful parts as well as to be able to more deeply experience intimacy with others. We will also introduce boundary work, and ways to understand, communicate, and uphold our boundaries. 
2nd Feb 2pm - 6pm, Loving-Fear workshop: The intention is to embrace and transform fear. Fear is a common block to love, and by working with seeing, feeling, and knowing this fear directly, we can transform it into love. Through various experiences and exercises we can see fear's relationship to other emotions and the healthy and unhealthy things we do with it to create a better relationship with it, moving towards alleviating anxiety and creating a feeling of safety within us.
16th Feb 2pm - 6pm, Loving Anger workshop: The intention is to understand and express heart-felt anger. Seeing the healthy function of anger and embracing the energy of it within us can free up a huge amount of energy and lead to a deeper embodiment and feeling of self-protection. The exercises here allow us to explore what to do with anger, whether it is too far away (not easily accessed or felt) or too close (overwhelming or explosive), with the intention of balance and intimacy with it.
1st Mar 2pm - 6pm, Loving Shame workshop: Intention is to love and integrate shame. Shame can be a wonderful compass for us once we learn to dance with it. Not enough or too much shame however, can feel challenging to live with. We will explore this emotion and befriend the healthy aspects while integrating those that have been inherited without a healthy use in our current lives so we can feel more free. 
15th Mar 2pm - 6pm, Loving Joy workshop: Intention is to embrace and integrate the "golden-shadow" and increase our capacity for joy. Once we stop repressing the so-called "negative" emotions, the door opens wide for more "positive" ones too, and this workshop invites more bliss, peace, and JOY!
What to bring to workshops: I totally recommend bringing a special journal to all of these! For the day long workshops please bring lunch with you. Also (if you have one) bring a crystal that you are happy to dedicate to your self-love practice, although I will make some available to buy on the day. A water bottle is useful, you can refill here! Tea will be available, Cacao is provided.


The events that make up this series are two initiation day long immersive workshops followed by a series of 4 workshops themed on specific emotions. All workshops include a cacao ceremony. This is available to only 8 people so do book as soon as you can to confirm your spot. These run from the New Year until the Spring Equinox - taking you from your resolution to self-love through to the turn towards spring and a new chapter of your life! For two day long workshop and 4 shorter workshops, this offering is an extremely low price. This will only be offered at this price once, and the reason is because I will be using this course to create an e-course which will be available the following year. Being one of the 8 people who participate will be a very rare opportunity to have so much content and value at this price, and with this level of care and attention. (Note: although these sessions will be filmed, the editing will ensure that only Joy is audible/visible unless explicit permission is granted.)
It is possible, as with all healing processes, that some uncomfortable feelings may arise, and this package includes private sessions with me which can be booked as and when they are most needed during the months of the course. It includes two personal coaching sessions 1-2-1, and one extended private healing session, both of which can be conducted via skype/zoom online, or in person at the Healing Space. This can involve any of the modalities I am trained in and will be intuitively guided to support you in the best way possible.
This option also gives you access to resources to support and deepen your journey to be used between, and long after the workshops. Resources will include guided exercises, meditations, articles, audio and other materials to work through to create and cultivate your self-practice. The resources will be available after the events and you can work with them at your own pace. This is only available to those who are attending the course, and again, is being offered at a very low cost, simply because it is important to me that those who are part of the first 8 to go through this process get as much out of it as possible. 
The investment for ALL of this, combining both of the above is £333. To commit fully to yourself and this process, you can book for £333 now. This option is highly recommended, as you will get out what you put in, and this will give you the best chance of the transformation you desire. You may choose to confirm your place by booking the workshops for the low cost of £111, and  purchase the other package any time before we start, or close to the start of the process.


I am offering a phone/video consultation for anyone who would like to reserve a place on this course, as the nature of the work is deep and involved. This will give me an opportunity to learn more about you and what draws you to the course, to ensure that it is suitable and safe for you.
It will also give you the opportunity to connect with me if you have not already worked with me, to ask any questions and ensure that you can be wholehearted in your commitment and excitement for your journey to weave its way through this course! 
If we both have a full bodied "YES!" to you taking this course, I will also give you some guidance to begin this journey right away.
To schedule a call (which is free, with no obligation), please send a message to drjoylovesey [at] myhealingspace [dot] org or through my facebook page,  your phone number and availability. 
(There are only 8 spots, so to ensure you get one, you may book your place right now, and this can be refunded if we decide it is not suitable for you at this time.)
Held by Joy Lovesey. Joy is a healer whose own self-love practice has been transformational in her life. Visit for more information about Joy and the other services she offers.

Sunday, 02. February 2020, Healing Space, Self-Love - Initiation into Self-Practice Course (+Cacao Ceremonies)

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