Mencap Planning for the Future seminar – London

Are you the parent or carer of a loved one with a learning disability? At Mencap, we know it can be a worry to think about how they will cope when you are no longer around. But making the right arrangements and planning for their financial future now is vital.   Find out more at one of our free Planning For The Future seminars, where we’ll explain all you need to know about this subject: why it’s so crucial and how we can help you take the right steps. Our approach is jargon-free, simple, good advice – which, sadly, can be hard to find.   At our seminars, you will have the opportunity to speak to a solicitor who specialises in this complex area of law. The Wills and Trusts team will be there on the day too, available to answer any other questions you may have.   We know that every person is unique, with their own hopes and dreams. A loved one’s quality of life can be maintained when you are no longer around. Visit one of our seminars to find out how you can ensure they continue to live a fulfilling life, with financial security – giving you peace of mind.   Mencap will be running 26 Planning For The Future seminars across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. To find out more, please visit: