LAB (Language & Behaviour) Profile Practitioner training, The Arden Hotel, Tuesday, 07. May 2019

Attention: Business Leaders, Managers, Coaches, Trainers, Technical Experts


Do you want a way to understand individuals……without putting them in ‘personality pigeonholes’?
There’s no denying the popularity of personality profiling.  Tools such as MBTI, Strategy Insights, DISC and TalentQ have all been useful to countless trainers and consultants around the world.  Understanding personality is vital in both personal and professional development.  
Using a profiling tool can be invaluable in:

Improving communications 
Team working
Career decisions
Training design
Coaching programmes

             ...and many other areas.
But, if you're really skilled in using any of these tools and you've gone beyond the immediate impact of the model, you'll  know as well as I do that they have their limitations.  Sometimes the results can be frustratingly inaccurate or need a LOT of interpretation to deliver value to the client.
In my experience, there are three main problems with most personality profiling tools:
1. The ‘test-retest’ reliability of most profiling tools is woefully small. I say this with confidence because I studied personality tests as part of my degree.  You get varying results because every instrument is highly sensitive to the mood of the person completing it.        That means you can’t rely on the accuracy of a test – it will give you a different response every time you do it.
2. The conventional means of administering a personality test is through a questionnaire (usually on-line) completed by the candidate.        Which means that the ‘instrument’ reports what the person thinks of him or herself – not what anyone else experiences. Actually sometimes, it’s worse than that, sometimes it reports what the person wants other people to think of him or her because the answers reflect a ‘guess’ of what  is the ‘right’ answer.
3. Most profiling tools work on an assumption of underlying personality driving behaviour – a personality that doesn’t change.        Whereas, in reality, you and I know that a person can behave quite differently in different situations. But the instrument reports an average of the person’s behaviour over time.

In other words, most personality profiling tools tell us:
What the person thinks and feels TODAY about his or her AVERAGE behaviour over an unspecified period of time.

What they DON’T tell us is:

How do other people experience this person in a particular situation?
How does this person behave in a specific set of circumstances?
How can we detect patterns in behaviour without using a profiling tool?
What language can you use to connect with this person so that he really feels that you ‘get’ him?
What is the best way to influence this person in this context?

Don’t get me wrong
        ...I’m not saying conventional profiling tools are useless. It’s just that the information they yield is so general it doesn’t help much when the chips are down and you’re facing an important negotiation. Or a tricky performance appraisal. Or a major sales opportunity with a new client.
        And I wouldn’t draw this to your attention if I didn’t have a viable alternative to offer you:

The Language and Behaviour (or LAB) Profile
        The LAB Profile is a totally different kind of profiling tool:

It works on your observation and experience of the person you want to profile. NOT their self-perceptions.
It uses the hidden patterns in everyday language and behaviour that are the key to really understanding what makes someone ‘tick’.
It recognises that a person can behave differently in different contexts. AND reveals the clues to identifying when a person has mentally shifted context, even if everything else seems the same.
It helps you make sense of a person’s reactions, even when they seem to be acting ‘out of character’.

        This is your opportunity to discover the LAB Profile and how to use it to increase your influence, to inspire and motivate the people around you and to create deeper, more meaningful connections with the people who matter to you.
What is the LAB Profile?
LAB stands for Language And Behaviour.  Literally, the Profile is a set of questions, used by an expert interviewer (that could be you after only 3 days of training) to decode the structure of thinking and communication that underlies a person's behaviour in a specific context such as work, learning, playing sport or making a presentation.  Once we have the answers to the questions, we can predict what kind of language and behaviour the person will use.  Which means that we can communicate effectively with that person.

What the LAB Profile can do for you
Someone once said that you don’t get what you deserve in life, you get what you communicate. Being able to communicate differently with varied individuals and audiences is a key business skill.
This 3-day training programme will enable you to detect the patterns of langauge and behaviour that motivate others and help you learn the language to maximise your impact and get results.
It will give you a simple way of discovering (and implementing) a variety of ways to:

gain people’s interest and commitment
suit differing preferences for being informed and making decisions

The way it works that makes it so straightforward to learn and use
When you master this set of easy-to-learn questions, you gain an insight into:

how people get excited about something and
how they make use of information provided to them in order to become convinced of a particular course of action

The questions can be used in an informal/casual conversation, or as a formal questionnaire/survey of individuals and groups
That resulting insight can then be applied to communicating with a particular individual or with groups of any size and variation.

Absolutely no pigeonholes!
The LAB Profile is a form of personality profiling tool, yes, but it's a whole lot more as well. It will help identify traits of individuals and groups, but one key element of the LAB Profile is the recognition that traits are contextual. 
Whilst other profiling tools have a tendency to place someone in a ‘box’ of behaviours and approaches, the LAB Profile acknowledges that an individual’s traits may well change from one context to another. The beauty of the LAB Profile approach is the ability to track those traits from context to context.

The LAB Profile can be used in all manner of circumstances
Here are just a few examples:

Establishing a deep level of rapport with individuals and groups
Reducing the stress and strain involved in organisational change
Reducing the sales cycle time and increasing customer satisfaction
Designing powerful marketing and advertising campaigns
Recruiting the best people matched to the requirements of a job
Improving the performance management of individuals and teams
Improving the coaching relationship and results achieved
Creating high performance teams by managing people’s strengths instead of suffering from their weaknesses

What you take away when you undertake this training
After three days of training me (a Certified LAB Profile Master Consultant/Trainer) with lots of practical exercises and personal feedback, you gain an understanding of:

The 6 Motivation Triggers that people need to get excited about something
The 8 Working Traits that describe how people process information, the environments they need to be productive, their response to stress and how they become convinced
How to discover the traits for an individual or group
The types of language to ‘speak’ to the differing traits
How to apply this tool to any communication context

You also have the opportunity to be accredited as a LAB Profile Practitioner.  All you have to do is demonstrate that you can correctly ask the LAB Profile questions, identify the patterns associated with the answers and give clear feedback. 
I promise you that once you've mastered the LAB Profile, you'll wonder how you ever influenced anyone without it.  It really does take the guesswork out of your interactions with other people.  So if you don't want to waste any more time wondering what REALLY makes people tick...

Tuesday, 07. May 2019, The Arden Hotel, LAB (Language & Behaviour) Profile Practitioner training

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