Intensive 10 day NLP PRACTITIONER, Certified. April 2020, Devon., Dawlish Manor House, Friday, 03. April 2020

Whether you want to gain your NLP qualification for improved confidence, better communications skills, management, personal development… or just to discover how to become your own best ally, achieving the results you know you want, using positive language, behavioural patterns, brain-training and numerous other skills: our NLP Practitioner Training is a super-intense 10 days of knowledge, experience and mind-changing skills.  Blended with positive psychology to create a can-do, solution-focused NLP practitioner certificate and level of expertise that will be useful in work, home and life.
NLP Practitioner
2020 Course dates -
Days run from 9:30am and finish at or before 6pm.  
3, 4, 5 April (Fri/Sat/Sun)
10,11,12 April (Fri/Sat/Sun)
17, 18, 19, 20 April (Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon)

"Hello and welcome.  We LOVE running this course, so much that we have decided to make it TOTALLY affordable to people.  Our aim: that they will be dashing to book on. We want to run our course with at least 12 people, and we want them to LOVE it as much as we do.
"So – here it is. Our fully fabulous long-form NLP Practitioner – re-packaged as a super-intense 10-day NLP Practitioner.
"Instead of an industry-normal investment of around £1975 for 15 days, we’ve reduced the investment so it is just £950. That’s right nine-hundred-and fifty-pounds. For the most amazing life-changing training of NLP. You’ll need to be quick and book on by the early-bird though!
"We’ve made it more intense by: Making the days longer, so you’ll be working harder. Homework will be given. We’ll be offering optional practice days. And instead of celebrating with a big party on the last day - we'll still be doing the fun, fabulous life-changing work of NLP.
"We are tremendously excited. We hope you are too".
This practitioner certificate equips you with the coaching experience and skills to further develop your own NLP coaching practice.

 Above:  Delegates of Exmoor NLP Practitioner Programme
"NLP opened my eyes and suddenly I could see myself as I had never understood before."
How long is the training?
In total the practitioner programme provides 10 days experiential learning, including:
-  Full and INTENSE 10 day NLP Practitioner Certificate, taken over 3 months
-  NLP Practitioner Certified Status
-  In addition there will be homework and extra practice assignments.
-  Group forum to share and experience NLP together
The NLP Practitioner training is a pass or “feedback” certification.  In the event of you not passing, we will offer you additional coaching and identify and provide the required training where appropriate to get you to a pass, up to a maximum of 2 years after the initial programme.
"It was challenging and really got me out of my comfort zone.  But I am so, so glad I did it".
What to expect?
We have developed our NLP training to use techniques that will support your learning in a structured and experiential way.
NLP is full of flexibility, so you can tailor YOUR learning to suit YOU. Your learning experience will be challenging and very hands-on.
We have created a programme that involves lots of demonstrations, activities, practice opportunities and ongoing assessments.
Our aim will be to encourage you to get outside of your comfort zone.  To experience what your future clients will experience.
To learn and practice with the magical life-changing tools of NLP.  Once learned, never un-learned.
"The training helped me reconnect with my true purpose. I feel so much more at peace".  
NLP Training Course Content:
What will we cover on the 10-day Practitioner course:
Background - history, pillars and presuppositions of NLP
Behavioural Flexibility – understanding why and how the flexible approach is the winning approach.
Rapport – creating deeper, more meaningful connections with people. Understanding how to manage Rapport.
Physiology/Psychology - Understanding the link between mind and body, and how to influence yourself using mind/body.
VAKOG – the sensory modes of taking in information. Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory representations
Conscious and Unconscious Mind
NLP Communications Models - (C) Tad James, the most accepted NLP comms models
Meta Models – the thinking that is driving you – and how to manage it, so you can drive the thinking
State Management (How to manage your own state, manage nerves, etc)
Anchoring, goal-setting and outcome thinking – to get what you want, when you want it.
Sensory Acuity work, using VAKOG and beyond – deepening and supporting your sensory how others experience the world too.
Creating changes for yourself and others – goal-setting thinking, goal management, belief-change to empower yourself.
NLP Coaching. Using theNLP principles to coach yourself and others. This practitioner certificate equips you with a coaching experience and skills to further develop your own NLP coaching practice.
State Management, including anchors, uptime, downtime, Circle of Excellence. How to manage an resourceful state, eg: nerves. And how to transform it into a resourceful state, eg: excitement, enthusiasm, curiosity
Language – clean language, metaphors, the language of hypnosis (Milton Language), using language to influence and understand, ourselves and others.
Phobia cures – learning the traditional and proven phobia cure of NLP
Reframing and Representation. How do we represent our own worlds. How would we rather see it?
Repositioning the world, or rather how you view it, to achieve what you want.  Active reframing techniques to support your positive world-view.
Time Line work – using the time lines to identify and change your emotions relating to past and future events.
Creating the future that you want.
Managing Rapport actively, including matching, pacing and leading. Using Rapport in various situations, eg: at work, over the phone, with family members, with your manager and with your employees. Good rapport can enable you to communicate with greater meaning and better results.It can help you to put across negative news, as well as to reframe information as you wish.
Strategies and understanding. We all run strategies. For example, we may frequently procrastinate, often run late, or be a people-pleaser. These are strategies that may not be getting us what we want, but they are there to protect, help and support us. Understanding the strategies that we are running, as well as the strategies of others, can enable us to effectively change our own strategies, and thereby perform at our most effective.
Understanding others’ strategies, eg: customers’ buying strategies and management strategies.
Parts Integration. How often has a “part” of you wanted one thing, whereas another “part” wanted something else? Parts integration works to resolve internal conflict
Learning to use these tools with others.  We won't just be showing you the tools for your own use, you will be taught how to use these tools to effect change for others.

What are people saying about our NLP training?
Check out our testimonials below.  Each picture links to a video for you to watch.

Certification: In addition to all the learning and experience, upon a satisfactory pass, your 10-Day INTENSE NLP Practitioner Programme, will give you:
- NLP Practitioner Certificate
- This practitioner certificate equips you with a coaching experience and skills to further develop your own NLP coaching practice.
- Membership of our online NLP Professionals group for ongoing discussions, practice etc
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS COURSE CAN ONLY RUN SUBJECT TO SUFFICIENT NUMBERS BOOKED ON IT. If we don't get the numbers you'll be offered a full refund. 
Course dates -
Days run from 9:30am and finish at or before 6pm.  
3, 4, 5 April (Fri/Sat/Sun)
10,11,12 April (Fri/Sat/Sun)
17, 18, 19, 20 April (Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon)
To book on this NLP training, and for further information please contact Sue Haswell.
01626 864458 and 07772 or email:
"NLP is both a professional training and a personal therapy. A magical journey, an opportunity to grow and rediscover myself, and to come away with all the tools I need to make my true authentic life re-begin"
... come and make this YOUR year of transformation and change, BE the best version of you - and kick-start it all with this NLP Practitioner Programme.

Friday, 03. April 2020, Dawlish Manor House, Intensive 10 day NLP PRACTITIONER, Certified. April 2020, Devon.

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