Cheeky Promo arts festival, London, Friday, 19. July 2019

London based music promoter Cheeky Promo is organising an arts festival to raise money for 2 vital charities -Nordoff Robbins (music therapy) & London's Air Ambulance - both close to my heart as I had music therapy as a child & was helped by the LAA after an accident in 2011.

Cheeky Promo is looking for a plethora of performers (musicians, live / performance artists, performance poets, dancers, theatre groups), a collection of creatives (artists / painters, filmmakers, fashion designers), a vat of volunteers, and a selection of sponsors so that they can book the venue & pay the performers expenses whilst raising money for the 2 charities.

A beautiful, bold, bright, daring, dark, engaging, enthralling, ear-opening, eye-opening, invigorating, participatory, reflective, thought provoking combination of art, light, colour, communication, community, creativity, design, drama, expression, music, performance, silence, sound, theatre.

The London's Air Ambulance is a charity which delivers an advanced trauma team to critically injured people in London, serving the 10 million people who live, work & travel within the M25. Including Rupert Cheek on the 24/25 Sept '11.

"Nordoff Robbins is the UK's leading private provider of music therapy services. Our trained network of music therapists work with people of all ages and with a range of conditions. We deliver thousands of music therapy sessions per year in care homes, day centres, hospitals, schools & our own centres. We are also developing a range of other music & health projects aimed at bringing music to more & more people in local communities. Everyone responds to music - it affects our minds, bodies & feelings. Through music we can help to: Improve physical health & ability / Address emotional & behavioural difficulties / *Develop communication & social skills* / *Increase creativity, self-esteem & confidence*" / *Inc Rupert Cheek in c'84

WHERE? We're still ned to find a large venue. If you can help, PLEASE email

WHO? - If you want to perform / share your creative work, please email or Post in this Event

Hello from Portugal! My band The Dust we would be very happy to join other musicians and play in this charity event! We are The Dust! You can found some info about us on our facebook page! We're about to release our first EP, on September 4! Best wishes and regards from Portugal! André Almeida Cabrita

"Hi Rupert, We are the Four Dead Crows and we are very interested in playing the Cheeky Promo Arts Festival. We write original music inspired by the likes of Black Keys, Jack White, The Doors and many more. We are a band who always put on an energetic show and im sure festival goers would love our music. Ive attached two of our latest recordings and below you can see more material we have recorded, including our award winning music video. My name's Paul - I play guitar, Rob is our drummer, Dan is our bassist and Danny is the lead guitarist and singer. We are currently in the process of filming our 2nd music video which we are hoping to release in the next 3 months. We are also currently in talks with a PR company to get ourselves more high profile gigs aswell as writing more songs with the hope of recording at the end of the year. "

"Hi Rupert, I would love to perform with My Mate's Band and provide some music workshops for your festival. I am structuring the workshops as 2 separate 2 hour sessions with an hour break at the moment. they are designed for complete beginners and teaches them how to become good musicians. It also introduces them to time signatures in 7 and 5. I am working on the lesson plans at the moment. The band can also do 2 x 3/4 hr sets or 3 x 1/2 hour sets of original music by an award-winning songwriter working exclusively in 7 & 5 time signatures. I am working on publicity material atm as well. We don't expect to be paid as it is for charity but we would need train fares from Nottingham for 3 people from Nottingham and accommodation for 3 people. Fares will be cheaper if we book in advance and we could find cheap suitable accommodation if pre-booked. Please let us know if you think it might be something you would be interested in. I hope things are ok with you. ... All the best Joe"

""Hi Rupert, FloodHounds a 3 piece indie/rock/blues band, based in Sheffield would be interested in a London 11 August Cheeky Promo currently doing Outlines Festival, Sheffield, AMP Live Festival Sheffield, Blackthorn Festival, Manchester, Front Row Festival Oxford and another Yorkshire festival tba We're based in Sheffield / Derby but we've done a series of London gigs at places like The Spice of Life Soho and The Troubadour. Jack Flynn

The Gyro is a popular 5 piece band. We would like to performing at the Cheeky Promo arts festival. The Gyro headlined at the Vault festival 2016, and performed at 100's of other events. The band recently released 2 albums. Derek Lewis.

Hi Rupert, I just saw your post on FB. If you're looking for bands to perform, Tall Poppies would be interested. We're an indie-pop four piece based in London, fronted by twin sisters on guitar and bass with violin and drums. Here are our links. Thanks for listening. Susan - /

"Rupert, The festival in London sounds really good and we would be happy to bring our frequency based music to the event to help elevate consciousness. I think it would only take to get two of us over there as we could put the rest of the band together locally with musicians I know already. You may actually have some contacts with some really good vocalists that we could rehears up and put together a really solid visual healing show performed in the 432Hz frequency. Other than that I just need standard expenses like accommodation, transport, backline and food & beverage etc. Is there any chance of the performances getting filmed for a documentary feature which we can get Kevin Costner to do the VO on? I am now working on the Sacred Star Rocks project which will be a book tour and a concert experience & perhaps this is what we should bring to London next year.*** I think with the Star Rocks project gathering momentum with a new international book deal with Hampton Press and a lot of media interest from the Murdoch Press group that a combination of the Transference psychedelic incarnation with the Star Rocks album, "gateway to heaven" would create the most sublime set of healing music ever performed anywhere in the world. Once I know what your time frame for the festival is and it's proposed duration, location, capacity etc I can put my feelers out to other major players in the industry to begin putting together a supergroup to perform these songs live. I could reach out to members of Tangerine Dream in Germany and YES in the UK as well as Steve Hillage from Gong and the list goes on. To make these performances truly memorable a 6.5mt LED screen with a full projection playback system of our high res video files would bring this as close to a quintessential Pink Floyd performance as possible and then I would extend the invitation to David Gilmour to come and see and judge us for himself. If you want to hear the tracks for the new album as a work in progress I am happy to send you a link to my Hightail spaces for you to listen outside of the team to some low res mp3's. Let me know if this works for you bro? I'm also thinking that in hindsight I would like to bring my keyboard / synthesizer player in from India, 16yo musical protege, Kashyap Iyengar to perform with us. So a return flight and accommodation to Delhi would also be appreciated. I have attached our backline for your consideration. Blessings & peace, Mike"


"Hi Rupert, Yes we've looked at the event and think it's a great idea. We'd be happy to be involved. As far as payment for a charity show just petrol costs for us really, accommodation if you can stretch to it. We're a Bridgend based melodic metal 5 piece who formed with a desire to increase diversity in our local music scene. We have released 2 eps, "Place to Fall" and more recently "Paperchain" and enjoyed our first uk your last year. Here's a couple of links. All the best, Helen "

Simon Hill: Depending on venue, Act of Love now go out as up to an 8 piece (inc cello)

Hello Rupert, Thank you for organising an event for such beautiful cause! You can count me in. I would play some music from the next album coming out soon called Happiness Is A Choice, which could definitely suit the event, under the name of Queen Clairie. Here is a video, touring with the EP See Me Clear. We will see, closer to the date, if you'd like a solo or band concert. Well done for this event and good luck for organising it all! Claire

"Hi Rupert, Thanks for your email. The event sounds very interesting and for a worthy cause. My band Autorotation and possibly my choir (Green Army Choir) might be interested in performing, if you're still looking for acts. The choir kind of operates on the "as needed" basis, where we recruit people from a pool of choristers when there's a recording or performance. So, I would need to email everyone and see who's available for the rehearsals / performance and then go from there. [The choir are] the main act at our festival on September 10, but will disband after, until the next show. In the meantime, you can hear some recordings here. Please let me know what you think. Igor. "

"Hi Rupert, we saw your Facebook event and we'd love to play. We recently played Patchfest, a local community festival in Brighton - we loved it and they loved us! Please have a listen to the attached tracks, have a look at our Facebook page Fresh School Buddha. Hope you like and hope to hear from you soon. Love love love, Fresh School Buddha" [6 people; Bass guitar, Guitar, Trumpet, mic on stand, 2 vocalists (2 mics), drums, Backing track, mono 1/4 jack, power socket for PC)

"If you fancy a cheeky punk band that can do a 'family friendy' set, originals or covers, we're flexible (well, not quite as flexible as we used to be but that's another story) then please consider us. We're The Outbursts ." (Matt)

"Hi Rupert, I got your email recently telling me about your festival and replying to let you know that I'd certainly be up for playing it.... I'm trying at the moment to promote a song called "God Bless tThe NHS" a similar cause in a way. I'm not living in Windsor any more, even further away from London so not sure how else I could help. I do still come up to the area, usually for a couple of days about once a month so would try and tie that in with when the gigs happening next year. Good luck with it all and please keep me informed of how things are progressing. Mark Handley"

"Hi Rupert, I would absolutely love to play at the Arts Festival for such a worthwhile cause. Please check out my website and social media to see if you think I would be suitable to play. ... I'm a 17 year old singer/songwriter from Brighton currently studying music performance at Access To Music. I have been writing and performing my own songs since I was 12 releasing my first single at 13 which got me an interview on BBC Radio Sussex and airplay in Europe. This year I broke onto the festival circuit playing The Great Escape (Europe's leading festival for unsigned and new music), Rudimental & Disclosure's Wildlife Festival and Elderflower Fields festival to name a few. I have also recently performed for Caffe Nero's Emerging Artist night at The Piano Works in Farringdon and at The Cafe Royal Hotel on Regent Street in an industry showcase which has opened up some more doors for me. I am currently writing new material and planning to release my EP on my 18th birthday next May. I have also been invited back to The Cafe Royal to perform again in Sept and Oxjam Festival in Oct. All I need to perform in London is a mic and a desk to plug my guitar into. I am very low maintenance and I am happy to cover transport costs so more money can go to the charities. I have just seen that you tweeted some of my videos. That is really kind thank you so you! Izzy"

"Hello, My husband forwarded me some info about the arts festival that you are putting together. I don't know whether he's already got in touch but he's away at the moment so I can't ask - do forgive me if he has. We are part of a band called Netjerj and we play at local pubs mainly. We were at the Carshalton Environmental Fair last year. We'd love to be involved in the festival. I sometimes write songs for specific causes (e.g. our Christmas song about homelessness, which we sent to a local shelter and an environmental song that Ethical Consumer put on their site) so do let me know if that's of any use! Netjerj is on ReverbNation if you'd like to have a listen. Regards, Neia Glynn"

"Dear Rupert, Thanks for your mail- your festival sounds great, could you let me know more about a date and type of performances you are looking for? I would be happy to do a concert or be involved in a performance in exchange for some Cheeky Promo promotional work. This is what I have planned so far, up to March 2017-, though I would also be happy to do something again (see below) especially with regards to the vocal stuff, as I have yet to plan my next singing recital. I am very happy to collaborate with other musicians, it certainly would not have to be a one-woman-show! It would be great to do something vocal classical with Sian Maddock, if she is up for it and available! We did some lovely Strauss songs lately... Piano solo would be great too, either from the Mussorgsky or the new programme, but happy to resurrect something old, depending on the concert format! Sian and I have done mixed concerts with piano solo, duets and vocal- what format have you got in mind at the minute? How many concerts, how many people involved etc? I am looking forward to hearing more! All best, Gisela"

Cal Ruddy : "Rupert do you have any availablity for this event sir? Would love to be involved!x here's a link to a couple of tracks from my forthcoming EP for you"

Hugo Valentine is a 25 year old singer songwriter from London, UK. All material written and produced by Hugo Valentine.

Hey Rupert, My band Ten Tombs would love to get involved with the Cheeky Promo Arts Festival! Indie Rock from Cheltenham. Cheers, Jamie.

"Hi Rupert, Ivano mentioned we should get in touch with you, we are The Gemms a Northern Soul covers band and we'd love to play at your charity function Facebook The Gemms-Northern Soul Band, thanks Tim"

"Hi Rupert, hope your well and all's good my fellow Queen fan. With regards to your festival next year I would love to perform and be considered. A little about myself, you have promoted me on social media before so thank you for that. I play guitar and sing and have started to play piano, so doing songs by chord at the moment. Uncle Greedy Music. I am based in Sutton and happy to travel. I play rock and pop covers and I write my own music. I am as passionate about music and everything associated with music. Music has got me through tough times mentally and physically and still does. I would love to perform for free as this is for charity and worth while causes. Thanks for your time reading this, See you soon, Regards, Simon"

"Dear Rupert, Antonio Forcione has forwarded your e-mail to me about the possibility of him performing at one of your events. I was really interested to read your story, particularly as I used to do Music Therapy with small children and also because I was hit by a car last September! Luckily my injuries were nothing like as bad as yours. Antonio would be happy to perform at a Nordoff Robbins event. Do you have a date in mind? I look forward to hearing from Regards, Juliet (Juliet Sharman Matthews, JPSM Management & PR)"

"Hey Rupert, Just dropping you an e-mail as requested. The Brandy Thieves would love to be involved in The Arts Festival. And actually if you have anything else coming up that might suit The Brandy Thieves, please let us know. Here is our latest single. Best wishes, Cain."

"Hello, My name is Chris Hatwell, I am in a duo, Niris, performing Spanish Guitar, Sigur Ros style music, Blues and Jazz. We have a fairly growing fanbase now, 17.2K and have been in talks with two music agency's but thought id approach yourselves. I worked with Falcon Fields over christmas on a charity single, Hometown City, to raise money for the victims of the Paris Attacks and London Bombings. Now I am performing round London again as Niris. Nick, my Music partner is an exceptional guitarist. We are gigging at the moment around Liverpool street and North London. Latest one is today at Apples and Pears bar. Hope to year from you soon, Chris /

"Hi there, The BIG Sing London Voices are a contemporary choir based in Angel. We would love to take part in your festival. You can see & hear more about us at . Clare."

"hi, that's a lovely cause and something we would be interesting in performing at. We are a Manchester collective of musicians and we would be happy to come and perform. Here is our website with all of our music & info (Conor)"

"Hi Rupert, My name is Natalie Tuvey and I am a singer songwriter [in London, UK]. I saw your post on facebook and would be interested in performing if you are actually looking for performers. If you are and would like some more information please email me back & likewise if you are can you possible give me some more information. Busy with gigs, and I go to East London Arts & Music Academy in East London so always busy with music. Did some work experience at Universal Publishing UK and hoping to get work experience at some other publishers! I noticed on your webpage that you have had some dealings with Lauren Tate (AKA Hands Off Gretel), I know her and did a presentation on behalf of their band at Universal so thats really interesting to see! Also cant forget the music festivals I will be going to. Look forward to hearing from you.

RITUALS = Corey Deards: "We'd be interested in playing that festival next tbf dude, check us out and let us know! Also What other events are you doing? we're always looking to play bigger gigs. "

Carl Grocutt-Clarke: "Hi Rupert I have set up a new band based around my solo work and we have just started booking gigs. I will check with the guys but if you have a space we would be interested in playing your Charity event early next year. We have an acoustic vibe to our music wink emoticon. Our music is very REM influenced but has elements of early pear jam. We are based in the West Midlands [UK]. You can hear some of the tracks we will perform live here"

Periscope View

Anita Jardine: Hi Rupert, woyld be interested in bringing some maverick humour and melody to the Peckham massive.... Rather long link but have a gander and let me know what you think x

Hi Rupert, Count us in. A 1, A 2, A 1234. Neil x

Fabiana & Paula Chávez (classical piano duet)

Millie Manders + band (£200) [London]

Kitten and The Hipi (£600 for an hour) [nr Brighton, UK]

Euphoric Recall [Kingston, SW London]

Eddie Conlon's Music Page [Chicago, USA] = transport / accommodation / food & drink

Fabiana & Paula Chávez from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Travel & Accommodation & food & drink

Hands Off Gretel from nr Manchester, UK

Want to be involved?

Want to sponsor one of the bands/musicians performance and/or travel?

Please emaill

Friday, 19. July 2019, London, Cheeky Promo arts festival

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