Braindead (Postponed! New Date TBA Soon)

Dreary Mondays are a thing of the past: introducing a brand new free cinema night in the heart of Camden Town! To kick things off for RDC we’re showing BRAINDEAD, one of Peter Jackson’s infamous early fims. Later he’d go on to make profitable Hollywood films like King Kong and the Lord of the Rings, but in the beginning of his career he was the king of trash, directing shocking, chintzy, and yet suprisingly entertaining and clever films like Meet The Feebles (think The Muppets on bad acid), Bad Taste (a low budget film about aliens harvesting humans for fast food) and BRAINDEAD, a film about the mythical Sumatran Rat Monkey, who when transported from the Skull Island to the USA starts causing some serious mayhem! With its gross-out special effects and absurd sense of humour, BRAINDEAD is the ultimate Halloween flick! ———————————————————- We’re partnering with the DUBLIN CASTLE, an iconic venue in the heart of Camden Town that possesses the intimate, deeply atmospheric feel that only hundreds of years of wild history can forge. For those who don’t know, DC was the breeding ground for many celebrated London bands, from Madness to Amy Winehouse, and it was an important space in the creation of Britpop. It is one of the key venues that have made Camden Town an area that is widely known for its cultural value and vibrancy. | Contact | Privacy | Terms